Save on Shipping by Outsourcing

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Save on Shipping by Outsourcing

Packing and shipping orders is highly advantageous to new startups. You may have been in this position recently. Your available time was greater than your cash flow and it was too early to project sales volumes. You also enjoyed the connection you formed with your first customers, and what assembling and shipping orders taught you about serving their needs.

But now your business is starting to grow. You’re considering outsourcing fulfillment so that you can devote your time and energy to making and implementing business decisions. You need a partner that can minimize your costs as you grow, to limit your risks, yet provide you with scalability in fulfillment. One of your most significant monthly expenses is shipping and the ancillary expenses around it. An experienced fulfillment center can reduce these costs for your business.

No Need Hire a Shipping Team

When you outsource order fulfillment, there’s no shipping staff required. You don’t need to bear the time and expense to conduct talent searches, interview candidates, hire, and provide benefits. There are no employees to pay to pack and pick, label, box, and seal. Instead you can outsource shipping and let your fulfillment center be responsible for hiring qualified people. You can focus your hiring efforts on bringing in marketing and sales representatives to grow your business.

Free Your Executives to Grow Your Business

Now you and your business partners and executives can free your valuable time up from the activities of back-end logistics to work on driving your business’ growth. Apply your knowledge and while your fulfillment company provides shipping labor. At this stage of your business, it simply does not make sense to have MBAs picking, packing, and shipping. Outsourcing is especially vital during your growth trajectory, so that you don’t have to devote time to hiring and training new employees every time your business takes a step forward.

Save Money with Economies of Scale

A fulfillment company operates at a larger scale than its clients, so its purchasing power saves clients money. As a growing business, you will need to leverage this purchasing power for better rates on packaging and shipping costs in order to be competitive. While combined buying power is a well-known benefit under economies of scale, there is another key benefit you may not have considered. Larger fulfillment centers also pay less per square foot for warehousing space than their smaller clients, and pass that inventory savings on to clients.

Reduce Costs with Our Shipping Expertise

As an experienced fulfillment provider since 1905, Ridgway Mailing is an expert in minimizing packaging and shipping costs per order. We have excellent rates with each carrier, and we use the lowest priced carrier for each shipment. For example, we frequently use Smartpost because our arrangement provides USPS pricing on FedEx shipping services. To help our clients benefit from our experience, we share our knowledge, which results in immediate savings that can be applied toward growing their businesses.

If your business is growing and you would like to learn more about outsourcing, talk to a Ridgway Fulfillment Specialist by getting in touch online or calling us at (214) 997-0364.