Why Smart Businesses Choose Dallas for Cost-Effective Fulfillment

Dallas Fulfillment Specialists

When you’re looking for a centralized shipping location, take a cue from the company that knows shipping best – Amazon. In the past three years, Amazon has employed more than 10,000 full-time associates in Texas, within six distribution facilities. Four of them are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Two more are planned in San Marcos and Houston.

Why Texas, and why Dallas-Fort Worth in particular? Location, Access, Labor Force, and Tax benefits combine to make DFW arguably the nation’s most cost-effective shipping and warehousing hub.

DFW is Centrally Located for Better Access

If your customer base is spread from coast to coast, you will want your delivery locations to be reachable in the shortest times possible. From Dallas, 93% of locations across the country can be reached by trucks within just 48 hours. 37% can be reached within 24 hours. In part, this is because of one of the nation’s most technologically advanced freeway systems. An astonishing 600+ motor carriers operate out of the DFW Metroplex, and most major carriers have terminals in Dallas. The centralized location not only draws motor carriers to establish their base of operations here, but it reduces freight costs and delivery times to the rest of the United States.

Because Dallas is centrally located, it has several regional airports and one of the largest international airports in the world. It is close to a major seaport in Houston, and many warehouses have railroad and rail to warehouse access. Whether you need to ship by truck, air, rail, or sea, Dallas is where you want to be.

High Labor Force Availability with Lower Costs

Dallas has one of the nation’s best ratios of labor availability to labor costs. For years, a relatively low housing cost drove people to move here from across the country, adding to an already strong base of both skilled/educated and unskilled/trained laborers.

Today, the local workforce supports warehousing, offloading, transloading, fulfillment and every other ancillary aspect of shipping, and it does so at relatively inexpensive labor costs. Furthermore, with one of the strongest local economies in the nation, the workforce is elastic, meaning additional labor capacity is on hand to support continued waves of business growth.

Tax Benefits Not Available in Most Cities

Dallas is located within the Foreign Trade Zones, which enables our customers to take advantage of special tax benefits. In addition, the Freeport Tax Exemption allows business inventory to be exempt from business and property taxes if the goods are purchased in Texas, or if other applicable terms apply. Consult your accountant to learn more about these benefits, which have compelled many other businesses to outsource from Dallas.

Choosing an outsourcing partner is a major step forward for your growing business. Learn more by talking with a Ridgway Fulfillment Specialist by getting in touch online or calling us at (214) 997-0364.